Our Sustainable Journey

Enjoy Today - Sustain Tomorrow

Enjoy Today - Sustain Tomorrow
Enjoy Today - Sustain Tomorrow

Back in 2006 we became New Zealand's very first Carbon Neutral Coffee Company, accredited with Landcare Research's CarboNZero Programme.

Although we are no longer with the Landcare research programme, we have always continued to monitor and mitigate our emmissions and ensure we are walking the walk and taking responsbility for our impact on the community and our environment.

Late in 2019, we became a Carbon Positive accredited business with Ekos (www.ekos.org.nz).

Ekos offsets its accredited business members by planting native forest in a number of regions around Aotearoa.

We recognise that offsetting omissions by planting trees is just one part of the commitment to reducing our carbon impact.

Over the years, we have implemented other measures to ensure we are lessening our impact and we continually strive to reduce our contribution to climate change.

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