Our Coffee

So what makes us so sure you'll enjoy OUR coffee?

Quite simply, our coffee is really good! It's 100% organic and 100% fair trade and it's won quite a few medals at the New Zealand Coffee Awards..... oh and our Capital Blend was voted 2nd Best Coffee in Wellington in 2013!

2007 | Our first time out of the gates!
Category - Flat White, BRONZE (Capital Blend)

Category - Plunger Filter, GOLD (Capital Blend)
Category - Fairtrade, SILVER (Booster Blend)

Category - Supermarket Plunger, SILVER (Capital Blend)
Category - NZ Espresso, SILVER (Firehouse Blend)
Category - Supermarket Filter, BRONZE (Capital Blend)
Category - Organic, BRONZE (Capital Blend)

Category - Organic, SILVER (Capital Blend)
Category - Ethically Traded, SILVER (Capital Blend)
Category - NZ Espresso, SILVER (Capital Blend)

Category - Ethically Traded, SILVER (Firehouse Blend)
Category - Supermarket Espresso, BRONZE (Capital Blend)
Category - NZ Espresso, BRONZE (Firehouse Blend)
Category - Food Service Plunger Blend, BRONZE (Capital Blend)


Roasted with Aroha
Roasted with Aroha

Roasted with Aroha

You may have heard the term "batch roasting". This is when a product is roasted in small amounts, more frequently; to ensure the utmost freshness and flavour. This is how we roast our coffee.

We hand blend all our coffees then batch roast (10-12 roasts in a sitting) to ensure quality and consistency of product.

We don't like to have oodles of coffee sitting around in bags on shelves, compromising it's goodness. Instead, we nurture our coffee; roasting beautiful buckets of beans, multiple times each day and week.

Where to enjoy a great Celcius Coffee


  • Mr Whippy | Thames
  • Organic Chocolate Boutique | Te Moana Road | Waikanae
  • Tuatua | Frank Kitts Waterfront | Wellington
  • YHA Espresso Bar | Wakefield Street | Wellington
  • The Workshop | New Street | Nelson
  • Buzz Cart | Cnr Hardy & Trafalger Streets | Nelson
  • Sprig and Fern | Tahunanui | Nelson
  • Jester House Cafe | Aporo Road | Tasman
  • The Tasman General Store | Aporo Road | Tasman
  • The Blue Cart | Motueka | Tasman
  • Kimi Ora Eco Resort | Kaiteriteri | Tasman
  • The Beached Whale | Kaiteriteri | Tasman
  • The Woolshed | Takaka Hill | Tasman
  • Top of the Town | Motueka
  • Celcius Coffee Espresso Bar + Roastery | 16 Old Wharf Road | Motueka
  • Muses Cafe | High Street | Motueka
  • The Middle Pub | Winton


  • Nelson Organic Co-op | Nelson
  • The Tasman General Store | Tasman
  • Beefair Butchery & Deli | Motueka
  • Celcius Coffee Espresso Bar + Roastery | Motueka

WATCH THIS SPACE as the Celcius Coffee Family of customers continues to grow throughout Aotearoa!

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