Coffee Blends

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We're really proud of our coffee blends. We've spent a great deal of time developing them, so you can enjoy the very best in fresh, New Zealand roasted coffee.

We have developed a succinct, delicious range of coffee blends which we're confident has something to please all palates.

CAPITAL blend | A milder profile, yet still a full flavour - for those who enjoy a well rounded balance, without too much of a kick.

BOOSTER blend | the name says it all. Designed to give you a BOOST - something for those who sit on the fence between a lighter and stronger blend.

FIREHOUSE blend | Hailing to owner Nick's 28 years as a NZ Firefighter, the name is representative of its characteristics. A good, strong, full bodied blend for those who like a good hit!

Decaf KARMA blend | In all honesty, it tastes so good, you'll never know you are drinking caffeine free!

We scale our ROAST LEVELS from 1 - 5

Firehouse Blend

Roast Level 3 - 4 | Medium-Dark Roast

1 x Silver Medal at NZ Coffee Awards
FIREHOUSE is rich and bold, with subtle, ripe fruit flavours. Firehouse was developed for espresso, to push through milk drinks, whilst retaining its full coffee flavours.


Booster Blend

Roast Level 3 | Medium Roast

1 x Silver Medal at NZ Coffee Awards
BOOSTER is a sweet full-bodied coffee with wonderful dark chocolate flavours. A great all round coffee suitable for all brewing methods.


Capital Blend

Roast Level 2 | Lighter Roast

1 x Gold Medal | 4 x Silver Medals 2 x Bronze Medals New Zealand Coffee Awards
CAPITAL is a deliciously aromatic coffee, with wonderful, smooth caramel flavours. Developed as a plunger coffee and also makes a great espresso.


Karma (Decaf)

Roast Level 3 - 4 | Medium-Dark Roast CAFFEINE FREE

KARMA is a blend of Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated coffee beans. No chemicals are used to extract the caffeine in this coffee. Karma offers a truly delicious, smooth and full bodied coffee without the caffeine. You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how good it tastes!


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